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5 Secrets Of Custom Jewelry

If you covet a different jewelry style or want to get a trending designer piece of jewelry with unparalleled meaning or be a conversation starter for many years to come, consider the advantages of designing exquisite custom jewelry at a place like ECI Jewelers in Diamond District NYC.

While the concept of creating your coveted perfect piece can be exciting, it’s important to know about the process before you get started, so you can have a better experience before, during & after.

It's Not A Must To Be A Jewelry Artist To Get A Custom Jewelry Piece Designed.

Clients looking for custom jewelry at ECI Jewelers don’t actually need to know much about jewelry design. All that’s needed is a vision & a sketch of that vision (which doesn’t have to be perfect) or an image of your desired jewelry piece. Believe us, this whole process is very convenient when you are dealing with us. 

For instance, if you submit your sketch or photo to ECI Jewelers, we can turn your jewelry vision into an excellent jewelry design that can be printed, cast & finished. You also have the choice to choose the stones, metals & sizes for your final piece.

Custom Jewelry At ECI Is Much More Affordable Than You Think.

Because there is no mediator & you are directly in contact with the designer, prices do not have to be inflated to cover the costs of expenditures on the jewelry (such as insurance, inventory, etc.). 

Therefore, these prices are not automatically built into the price of the pendant, ring or necklace, etc. You are also not giving extra fees for name brands or trademarks. 

And with our custom jewelry, you always have the advantage of choosing the gemstones you want that should be used in your jewelry items at unbelievable discounts, further reducing costs.

It’s Easier To Stay Within Your Budget.

As told earlier, custom jewelry is much more affordable than you’d think; it’s also more manageable to stay within your funds when you shop custom jewelry at ECI.

Working with our experienced designer gives you the possibility to choose layout elements that are more fitting to your finances, an advantage not available with mass-produced jewelry.

The Client Can Be Involved In Each Step Of The Whole Process. 

There is communication & collaboration between the customer & the jewelry designer with custom jewelry patterns throughout the entire jewelry creation process.

You Can Have Heirloom Pieces Recreated. 

One of the best things about customized jewelry at ECI Jewelers is that it makes it possible to redesign & recreate an emotional piece of jewelry damaged or lost over time.

Experts at ECI Jewelers make it possible to bring back a cherished piece of jewelry to life.

Custom Jewelry Lets You Redesign Jewelry. 

When you decide to buy custom jewelry, you can also mix new ideas with elements of another piece of jewelry.

For instance, you might desire to utilize the gemstones from a different piece of jewelry in your desired customized piece. Alternatively, you might ask the jewelry designer to include some of the pattern or design elements of the old jewelry piece in the new one.

You can also take current jewelry models & request any sort of modifications.

Shop Custom Jewelry at ECI Jewelers

We at ECI Jewelers have a wide selection of genuine luxury watches and a full assortment of Men’s and Ladies Diamond Jewelry. 

After 20 years at the Jersey Gardens Mall, we have relocated to our new state-of-the-art showroom in the heart of NYC’s Diamond District. 

Please visit us at 37 W 47th St, Suite 1301, New York, NY 10036 or at

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