Elegant Creations Inc.

Unparalleled Selection of Diamond Jewelry & Luxury Watches


At ECI Jewelers, we have a wide selection of genuine luxury watches and a full assortment of Men’s and Ladies' Diamond Jewelry.

After 20 years at the Jersey Gardens Mall, we have relocated to our new state-of-the-art showroom in the heart of NYC’s Diamond District.

ECI Jewelers is on the cutting edge of custom jewelry design. We offer many different services from the creation of Diamond Hip-Hop pendants to Custom Wedding Jewelry and much more.

We are also proud to bring you some of the lowest prices in the industry. Not only do we present you with an exquisite collection of 1 of a kind pieces they are all at highly affordable factory-direct prices. We also have many financing & layaway options available with little to no credit necessary.

With our extensive experience and expertise, ECI Jewelers stands out as a top choice for custom jewelry design. Our range of services includes crafting Diamond Hip-Hop pendants, Custom Wedding Jewelry, and more, tailored to meet your unique preferences.