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About the Rolex Pepsi GMT Master II 116719 BLRO

The Rolex GMT Master II 116719 BLRO – commonly called the "Pepsi" because of its clear red and blue bezel – is one of the most notable models in Rolex's lineup.

And this isn’t the only soft drink Rolex has nicknamed its watch after.

We explain the features and history of this iconic watch.

  1. Cerachrom Bezel

The Cerachrom bezel insert is a central GMT Master II feature. Cerachrom is quite a durable ceramic material.

It’s resistant to UV rays and scratches so the bezel keeps the color over time.

  1. Rolex Innovation

Rolex’s innovative approach is their signature as seen in the Easylink 5mm extension link on the bracelet.

Wearers can adjust bracelet size comfortably. Wrist size fluctuations are common because of changes in temperatures and humidity.

  1. Dependable Movement

The Rolex GMT Master II has a movement called Caliber 3186 that is certified by the Superlative Chronometer.

This 31-jewel movement has a power reserve of 50 hours and a beat rate of 28,800 VPH for accuracy and reliability.

  1. Two-Tone Bezel Tradition

Over fifty years ago, Rolex started using two-tone bezels.

The "Pepsi" bezel, with its red and blue colors, joins other notable models like the "Coke" bezel (red and black), the "Batman" bezel (blue and black), and the “Hulk” bezel (green).

One of the later additions is the "Rootbeer" bezel (brown and black).

  1. GMT Complication

The GMT Master II has a GMT function that lets users keep track of two time zones at the same time.

If you need to keep track of multiple time zones, or if you travel a lot, this is helpful.

  1. Construction and Features

The 40mm case is made from 18kt white gold with a "Triplock" crown. This ensures a watertight seal.

The movement has a blue Parachrom hairspring and a Breguet overcoil, which makes it more resistant to magnetic fields and better at absorbing shocks.


The Rolex GMT Master II 116719 BLRO, which had a retail price of $38,250, has been discontinued.

It has been succeeded by the more affordable 126710 BLRO model with stainless steel (in place of white gold) Jubilee bracelet and Folding Oysterlock Safety Clasp.

Despite discontinuation, the watch is pretty sought-after and popular. Rolex is the only brand to nickname a watch after soft drinks.

The design is unique with advanced features. The construction is strong and makes it a favorite among other luxury watches. Watch enthusiasts worldwide love it.

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