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Get your Bling from ECI Jewelers

ECI Jewelers was born with a simple idea to offer the world's most exceptional jewelry to this very fashion-savvy generation. Located right in the heart of NYC’s Diamond District, but with a global network, we thrive on imagining, designing & crafting some of the most exquisite jewelry pieces for you, so what are you waiting for? Get your bling on!

Jewelry is meant to dazzle the viewer. When gold & diamonds meet with perfect design & execution, accessories can spark something new in yourself & your look. 

Sometimes, though, there's a slight possibility that you cannot find the piece that can gratify your jewelry cravings. What now? How do you get what you so passionately desire? The simple answer is- Custom Jewelry!

The beauty of custom jewelry is that it uplifts the level of excitement you get when buying a piece. From earrings to custom pendants to bracelets & chains, Millennials & Gen Z love it all! At ECI Jewelers, there are countless varieties of options for you to customize & buy.

What is Custom Jewelry?


For those who aren't very aware of the concept of custom-made accessories, let us brief you. When you have something exceptional in your mind that you cannot find anywhere, you should opt for Custom Jewelry. Custom Jewelry gives you the freedom to get your favorite chain, watch, or pendant designed as per your aspiration.

However, you need to understand that custom jewelry is very similar to customized jewelry. Still, it is not the same thing at all. For example, getting your name engraved on jewels is a part of customizing metal jewelry, but custom jewelry is made from scratch! We at ECI Jewelers are experts in making Custom Picture Pendants, Diamond Nameplates & Customizable Jewelry at a very affordable price.

But how does it work at ECI Jewelers?

Our jewelry designer at ECI Jewelers, takes care of all your custom jewelry requirements. Show them a sketch of your design & they'll take care of the specifications. The stone cut, design, material & color are all addressed in the planning of the piece. 

If you're hoping to get an updated version of a traditional accessory you already have, show the piece to our expert & together you'll address the necessary changes. 

Custom jewelry adds a tremendous sentimental value to the jewels because the design has been crafted between our design expert & you personally. Moreover, custom jewelry is something that you love & keep for life. Your passion is reflected in the art!

5 Main Pillars of Custom Jewelry

Uniqueness in jewelry comes from fresh new ideas. The art of representing jewelry according to your imagination is what Custom Jewelry is all about. Coming up with custom ideas is the easy part, but when it comes to transforming those ideas into a reality, time & a little dedication are necessary. 

To solve this problem, ECI Jewelers brings you the 5 main pillars of custom design jewelry. These 5 points will allow you to acquire the perfect piece of custom jewelry without employing extra time or shelling out extra cash.

Let's explore the 5 main pillars of custom design jewelry:

custom jewelry

#1 Planning & Design Ideas

Every creative & unique object needs proper planning to create a path for innovative ideas. If you want to add a personal feel to your jewelry, always make a detailed proposal with yourself. Be sure of what you like. What color metal works fits your personality? 

Which image would you love to ice out & wear as a pendant? Be sure to acknowledge the type, portion & style of customization you need. This will help you plan your budget.

#2 Size, Shape & Setting

Next, we consider the look & appearance of your bespoke, custom piece. If you want to achieve that WOW element in your jewelry, you need to focus on the work's shape, setting & size. These factors play a crucial role in determining the appearance of your customized piece.

  • Shape: It's the shape of the diamond that adds a custom element to the jewelry. It can transform simple jewelry into an awe-inspiring piece.
  • Setting: This is a critical factor when buying an engagement ring/wedding band. Different settings will determine how unique your ring will be & how much sparkle you want.
  • Size: Size is an essential factor while buying or selecting jewelry. An engagement ring, wedding band, stylish chain. Or a pendant all makes a different statement when you change the size.

#3 Metal Choice

The choice of metal contributes to making your customized jewelry considerably more alluring. When it comes to selecting metals, a wide variety of options are available. A few available metals are Yellow Gold, White Gold, Rose Gold, Platinum, Sterling Silver & Titanium. 

Before settling on a metal type, consider a few essential factors, like your style & preference & the nature of your skin. While selecting custom pieces, always prefer hypoallergenic metals that are comfortable to wear & do not cause a skin allergy.

#4 Diamond or Colored Stones

Now it's time to decide what materials you want to embellish your piece with. Most people prefer Diamonds & other gemstones. To acquire perfect & authentic custom diamond jewelry, you need to acknowledge the science of authenticity. To achieve this, go through the 4 critical elements of diamond quality – Color, Cut, Clarity & Carat.

#5 Certification & Insurance

The quality of the Gemstone determines the value (credibility & authenticity) of custom jewelry. To acquire authentic & certified jewelry, always choose a professional & certified jeweler. Also, consider keeping your jewelry safe & secure with a suitable insurance policy.

These are the 5 main pillars of Custom Jewelry that give a better insight into acquiring customized pieces.

Ultimate Guide to Buy Custom Jewelry

Buying jewelry is one of the most meaningful, kind & romantic gestures out there. A custom ring, necklace, bracelet, a pair of earrings, or even an iced-out watch, will express your love & devotion to someone with a clear & precise message.

The magic, charm & enduring appeal of customized jewelry can make it a natural gift for special occasions & precious moments in someone's life. Shopping for the right jewelry for your special someone is an exciting experience. 

Some essential tips will help you to make the right buying decision: 

  1. Look into the jewelry collection: You'll learn about what kind of jewelry your partner likes by seeing what type of jewelry they wear. In addition, you'll get to know an awful lot about your partner's style, favorite gems & what could be missing from her jewelry collection. For instance, she'll love a matching pair of diamond earrings if she has a diamond necklace.
  2. Consider her style: Diamonds are a woman's best friend; with numerous style options out there, choose a pair of diamond stud earrings or even a sparkling diamond necklace that matches her look. Does she like understated elegance or bombastic sparkles? Try giving your partner something that represents her personality.
  3. Do your homework: Ask your partner's mother, sister, or best friend. They'll point you in the right direction about her needs & desires. If you'd like an expert opinion, just holler at ECI Jewelers. We are always there to help you sort out your Custom Jewelry options.

ECI Jewelers Approach to Create Custom Jewelry

In fashion & jewelry, Custom Jewelry has become immensely popular among Millennials & Gen Z. More importantly, custom or personalized jewelry is usually inspired by the ideas & imagination of everyday people. 

That means we can design with your everyday experiences in mind. The outline is executed by our trained jewelry designers & then rendered into something magical. This is why the current generations are so crazy about our work. 

ECI Jewelers creates a wide range of Custom Jewelry. The best thing about custom jewelry is that it provides you with unlimited flexibility to expand your creative ideas. 

Being a renowned Diamond Jeweler in New York, we at ECI Jewelers are specialized in creating & designing Custom jewelry. Boris, the owner of ECI Jewelers, is an expert in designing custom jewelry for every kind of taste. His lifelong relationship with diamond sellers keeps you in the highest quality diamonds. 

He will understand & meet your needs as a fellow designer while improving the execution of your work. Together with our staff, ECI Jewelers is impeccable at executing your imagination into a beautiful & awe-inspiring piece.  

Since our inception, we have been delivering beautiful & magnificently designed Custom Jewelry to our clients. The credit goes to our skilled designers & their cutting-edge approach to designing custom jewelry. In this blog, we will highlight ECI Jewelers approach to design. As a result, you'll have a better insight into our process & strategy to create & design your Custom Jewelry. 

Step 1: Sketching Your Custom Jewelry Idea

Here, one of our skilled designers will sit with you, listen & discuss your jewelry ideas. If necessary, Boris will recommend some ideas to make your piece more attractive. Finally, our expert may design your sketch onto paper. 

If you want to get something changed in the designed sketch, you are free to do so. We don't finalize a project sketch until you are delighted. 

Step 2: Choosing Diamond/Stones

In this step, we focus on designing your custom piece of jewelry. The determining factor of designing customized jewelry is selecting the perfect diamond or stone that works with the design. We can also help with choosing the Gemstone that is compatible with the proposed design idea. 

Step3: CAD (Computer-Aided Design)

After accomplishing this conceptualization task, we move on to the Computer-Aided Design process. This phase involves a 3D model of your rendering that gives you a clear computerized picture of your jewelry from all angles. We will email you this CAD model so that you can easily do that if you wish to make adjustments to your concept. 

Step 4: Creating the final piece

Immediately after getting approval on CAD from your side, ECI Jewelers will produce the final piece. All that's left to do is wait for your one-of-a-kind custom jewelry. 

Let's wrap it up

Now that you know all about Custom Jewelry, you can fill out our custom inquiry form to get started. You can also book an appointment for one-on-one interactions with our Custom Jewelry designer. Rest assured, whatever idea is in your mind, we at ECI Jewelers can transform it into a stunning piece of jewelry. You'll forever cherish the totally unique, memorable piece made the way you want it.

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