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Top 3 Tips On How You Should Wear A Chain?

Knowing how to perfectly style your exquisite chains can be really tough for anyone quite new to wearing jewelry. With this jewelry guide from ECI Jewelers, you will learn several tips on styling & flaunting your chains perfectly.

Coordinate Your Chain Metals

The very first tip is to always coordinate & match your jewelry chain metals. For example, suppose you are carrying a silver chain. In that case, you should consider matching it with another silver chain or a similar shaded chain in white gold. The same applies to yellowish gold chains.

Chains that are yellow gold in the shade look best when layered with one another. You can also coordinate the metal shades by connecting multiple jewelry items with your chains like bracelets, watches & rings. 

Wearing a beautiful silver timepiece & a gold chain is feasible, but it lacks coordination. This color-coordinating tip allows for a more coordinated look that lets your clothes' colors blend uniformly & evenly with your accessories.

Layer Your Chains

Layering your jewelry chains creates a collection or set that looks like they are pretty much meant to be carried with each other. To produce this look, you would need to combine two chains of varying lengths. The most popular bundle lengths to form a double-layered look is to combine a 20” chain with a 22” chain.

If you want a wider spacing among two chains, you can combine a 20” gold chain with a 24” chain. You can also combine two diamond tennis chains or two Cuban link chains to create a flashy look.

Our experts at ECI Jewelers suggest combining two gold rope chains for a subtle look with just gold.

Combine Your Chain With Accessories

Connecting your gold chain with our accessories is a must to make a well-put-together outfit. Chains & Bracelets complement each other seamlessly & are best matched with the identical width mm & design as similar to one another. 

Cuban Rings add the final touch to blending your chain with accessories; whether worn solo with just your chain or coupled with a bracelet, rings will definitely accentuate your fit in a more systematic & thoughtful light. 

Final Thoughts

Ultimately, there is no incorrect approach to carrying a chain but memorizing these few tips can really help you unleash your private style for the world to see. But be sure to push yourself to invest some extra time while getting dressed to experiment with various chain options to find the best fit for you. 

Take proper care of your jewelry chains & jewelry & you will be styling with a smile every day! At ECI Jewelers, we have a wide selection of genuine luxury Men's and Ladies Diamond Jewelry chains. Please visit us at 37 W 47th St Suite 1301, New York, NY 10036, or simply check our website at

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