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Why Go with an Iced Out Luxury Watch?

An ECI Jewelers iced-out watch is one of the best ways to flex on your friends. Always wear your watch with style by matching it with your outfit to ensure it enhances your look - not dominates it.

Here are some tips for wearing an iced out watch with style:

#1 Tip: Wear according to the occasion

One watch cannot work for every occasion. For example, it’s wise to wear a dress watch to your office, business meetings & the country club, but not to your friend’s home or a party. For clubbing or partying, no watch will be as good as an iced-out Rolex.

#2 Tip: Make sure it is metal

Some watches have plastic cases made to look like metals but don’t look nearly as good. Stay clear of these watches unless you intend to wear them for running, swimming, or playing any sports or games.

#3 Tip: Match your metals 

Figure out the color of the metal on your rings, chains & cufflinks & match them with the color of your watch—gold with gold, silver with silver & so on.

When you think of bling, the first thought that must cross your mind has to be jewelry that holds the fort at the core of Hip-Hop culture. At ECI Jewelers, we offer the highest quality iced-out watches that are as classy as they come. No dapper-rapper look is complete without the requisite shiny ice. Our blinged-out collection of custom watches are specially curated for you.

Encrusted with the most delicate quality white & colored diamonds ranging from one carat to a staggering 40 carats, any of these stunning pieces of iced-out brilliance are bound to make heads turn. Our breathtaking collection of customized watches has a piece for every occasion, from iced-out Rolex to Audemars Piguet to Hublot & Patek Philippe. You can browse our entire collection of iced-out custom watches here.

Add That Bling, and pick optimal Diamonds for Your Watch.

Diamonds are priced jewels that hold the power to transform any accessory with their bright brilliance. When it comes to inserting diamonds into various parts of your timepiece, they have to be well crafted to fit the specification of your watch model as well as your desire. 

Luxury Custom Watches abide by specific guidelines to ensure that the finished piece matches your style, taste & preferences & remains compatible with the already present internal & external mechanics. Using this standard as a guide, you can carefully plan your customizations & optimize them by choosing the best diamonds for your watch.  

Narrowing the Color Range

Your custom watch deserves the luxurious make & feel it was created with, which is possible when choosing the quality of diamonds to complement the watch’s style & worth. The color range for diamonds expands from D to M. It includes a total of 10 letter intervals, each signifying their color gradation on the Gemological Institute of America (GIA) scale. 

The latter end of letters on the scale points towards a yellow character to the diamond. In contrast, the first half of the scale refers to the impeccable quality of diamonds, and of course, D being crystal clear in appearance. 

For the authentic prestigious look of each handpicked diamond, we at ECI Jewelers include diamonds in their design from the very start & limit ourselves to the D to G range on the scale. We follow the same diamond quality standards to help your customizations complement the original design for a well-set look when making your customizations. 

Perfecting the Clarity Scale

Gemologists Evaluate each diamond with intricate care & then choose diamonds that fall in the I-F range if not flawless altogether. Once you decide what diamond color you want, the clarity of diamonds is the next aspect to evaluate. Pick the one that’ll suit your bespoke customizations. 

We recommend going with these diamonds as they will help deliver brightness, glam & elegance to your design in the most distinct manner possible. 

Picking the Right Size

This selection step includes choosing the right fit size for your diamonds & it heavily depends on your watch. If you have metal straps for your watch, you can customize your watch's bezel & dial & straps. You can choose from a great variety of sizes for a well complacent look with your needs and design.

For more prominent-sized diamond insertions, your bezel should be the well-suited aspect of your watch as it may have a metal-lined on either side and can support the diamond structure efficiently. We at ECI Jewelers can also insert smaller-sized ones into the straps as they will remain sturdy in an area prone to more wear.

Putting It All Together

Once you’ve decided on all the necessary factors that need your attention to detail, putting it all together is an easy task for us at ECI Jewelers. Custom watches can be crafted starting from the dial, where we can customize each hour with a diamond. Besides your bezel and straps, you should certainly consider adding a diamond to the crown and lugs of your watch for the ultimate look.

Get Your Iced-Out Watch from ECI Jewelers

We have the most extensive assortment of hip-hop jewelry in the market. We can even create a remarkable, one-of-a-kind custom piece for you. As soon as you step into our showroom, you'll experience what we call the "ECI Experience."

We'll greet you the best way possible & Boris Nektalov, the owner of ECI Jewelers, will ask for your thoughts & imagination to create a one-of-a-kind custom watch for you. Rest assured, whatever you're thinking of in terms of Custom Watches or iced-out watches; we can do it; you'll never be disappointed.

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