14K Gold Diamond Taurus Zodiacs Pendant 14K Gold Diamond Taurus Zodiacs Pendant
14K Gold Taurus Zodiac Diamond Men's Pendant 14K Gold Taurus Zodiac Diamond Men's Pendant
14K Gold Taurus Zodiac Diamond Men's Pendant 14K Gold Taurus Zodiac Diamond Men's Pendant
14K Gold Diamond Taurus Zodiacs Pendant 14K Gold Diamond Taurus Zodiacs Pendant
14K Gold Diamond Taurus Zodiacs Pendant 14K Gold Diamond Taurus Zodiacs Pendant
14K Gold Diamond Taurus Zodiacs Pendant 14K Gold Diamond Taurus Zodiacs Pendant
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Elegant Creations Inc

Solid 14K Gold Taurus Zodiac Diamond Men's Pendant - 0.65 Ctw

$1,599.00 $1,199.99 Sale
Chain Length: 16"
Color: Yellow

Embrace strength and stability with our 14K Gold Taurus Zodiac Diamond Men's Pendant. Adorned with 0.65 carats of captivating diamonds, this pendant embodies the unwavering spirit of Taurus. Make a statement with celestial allure and timeless sophistication. 

The Zodiac pendant necklace is available in 14 karat yellow gold and 14 karat white gold.

Crafted with the utmost precision and care, this pendant captures the essence of the Taurus zodiac sign, celebrating those born between April 20 and May 20.

Product Details: 

  • Metal: 14k Gold
  • Total Carat Weight: 0.65 Ctw
  • Chain Length: 18 or 16 Inches
  • Clarity: SI 
  • Color: G
  • Cut: Round Brilliant
  • Diamond: Natural Grown
  • Circumference: 21mm


Crafted with meticulous precision in resplendent 14K gold, this pendant showcases the iconic Taurus symbol, the Bull, adorned with a constellation of brilliant diamonds. These diamonds shimmer like the stars in the night sky, adding an element of celestial wonder to this exceptional piece of jewelry.

Taurus Essence:

Taurus individuals are renowned for their down-to-earth nature, practicality, and steadfast determination. They possess a deep appreciation for life's simple pleasures and are known for their unwavering loyalty. This pendant serves as a symbol of their strength, reliability, and their deep connection to the natural world.

Elegance Meets Versatility:

Our Gold Diamond Taurus Zodiac Pendant is more than just an accessory; it's an embodiment of your unique personality and astrological identity. Its timeless design ensures it complements both casual and formal attire, allowing you to carry the celestial charm of your zodiac sign with you wherever you go.

A Thoughtful Gift:

Whether it's a birthday, an achievement, or any special occasion, this pendant makes for a deeply meaningful gift. It's a symbol of appreciation for the Taurus in your life, acknowledging their steadfast determination and their unwavering commitment to those they hold dear.

Crafted for Generations: 

We take immense pride in crafting jewelry that stands the test of time, and this pendant is no exception. The 14K gold ensures lasting brilliance, while the diamonds are handpicked for their exceptional clarity and sparkle, making this pendant a cherished heirloom that can be passed down through generations.

Celestial Connection:

Wearing our Gold Diamond Taurus Zodiac Pendant allows you to carry a piece of the cosmos with you, a reminder of the infinite possibilities and the grounded strength that defines Taurus individuals.

Indulge in the celestial elegance of our Gold Diamond Taurus Zodiac Pendant and wear your zodiac sign with pride. It's more than just jewelry; it's an embodiment of the unwavering determination, loyalty, and connection to the earth that define Taurus individuals. Order yours today and let the stars within you shine brightly.

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    Chain Length: 16"
    Color: Yellow